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This policy has been shortened and written in plain English to make it easier for children to understand.

The data security related to child data subjects is important to Goldberg Steele Financial Services Ltd and its Companies.


Generally, Goldberg Steele Financial Services Ltd does not need to collect a lot of information on children, as Goldberg Steele Financial Services Ltd’s customers are usually adults. Sometimes there is a need to store and process child data from customers to provide protection and mortgage products.

Data Collected

Goldberg Steele Financial Services Ltd stores and processes the following data on children and may share this information with mortgage and insurance providers:

  • Name;

  • Date of Birth;

  • Age;

  • Address;

  • Contact details;

  • Medical history.


Goldberg Steele Financial Services Ltd does not advertise to children.

Why we collect child data

Data on children will only be collected when it is needed, so we will not ask for permission from children to store and process their data.

Information on children will only be collected where it affects a family member’s financial planning (including legal guardians).

Goldberg Steele Financial Services Ltd does not automatically process child data.

Deleting your data

If you would like to have your data deleted, please contact us on:

Name: Trevor Steele

Position: Data Protection Officer


Address: Goldberg Steele Financial Services Ltd, Aspire House, 17 Station Road, London, N3 2SB

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